Undoubtedly, diamonds are magnificent and remain classics for an engagement ring. But perhaps you are the very non-classical bride who is looking for a unique symbol of your feelings with your beloved? Or you need to fit into the strict budget. We have prepared an impressive list of alternative precious and semiprecious stones with which your engagement ring will look no less luxurious, and certainly more individual. Read and choose!

Following the belief of the ancient Egyptians that the circle is a symbol of eternity, the ancient Romans gradually began to use wedding rings instead of dowries. Each bride had her own special ring, which emphasized her status and preferences.

And the tradition of a diamond engagement ring began in 1477. The Austrian king ordered to create a diamond ring for his bride and it immediately won the hearts of ladies in all of Europe. Since then, every European aristocrat should have had at least one ring with this gem!

A diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet (10 points on the Mohs scale ), so you can safely wear a ring with it without taking it off in the shower, doing homework or in the gym.


Wedding rings with opal are one of the latest trends in the wedding world. A fascinating “play of color” in opal captures a number of tones that aer simply impossible to reproduce wsith any diamond. There re no two identical opals, just like there are no absolutely repeating love stories. With a delicate pearl sheen and a mysterious, multifacted color, opal can be combined with almost any kind of metal and with all the colors of gold.


A symbol of purity and innocence, these “tears of the moon” were a popular decoration of wedding rings in past centuries. Today, you rarely meet a bride with a pearl on her finger, although it is difficult to challenge the natural beauty and nobility of this stone.

If you plan to use pearls in your ring, you will definitely stand out against the background of girlfriends. Just remember, this stone is one of the most delicate.
Created from calcium carbonate, the pearls earned only 2.5-4.5 points on the Mohs scale, which means that they are easily cracked and quickly scratched. Do not wear a ring with this stone daily!