Strength, authority, personality

As we know, diamonds symbolize true love. But what about black diamonds? Black diamond is the hardest form of all natural diamonds. We find them in places where there are no other diamonds. That is why black diamonds also symbolize originality, strength and authority.

The amazing and unique main difference between black diamonds and colorless diamonds is that the black color of diamonds is caused by such natural inclusions as graphite, pyrite or hematite, which are found throughout the diamond.

While white diamonds are a classic choice, some of our valued customers prefer black. Why? Black diamonds emphasize individuality; it is a sign of a person who knows what he wants. There are other reasons about which below.

Black diamonds for girls and women

We offer various styles of jewelry with black diamonds – from delicate, decorated with one stone, to large-sized jewelry of a unique design with a combination of black and colorless diamonds, and even colored semiprecious stones. Fortunately, we at TESSORRO have all the options you can imagine.

Black diamonds for men

Quite a significant part of our male clients, choosing inserts, dwell on black diamonds. They are attracted to the “masculine” appearance of a black diamond. Men sometimes admit that they had never thought about wearing a diamond ring before, believing that diamonds are the lot of the beautiful half of humanity, but when they saw the TESSORRO black diamond rings, they realized that this is the option that they need which will emphasize their style and express their personality. Usually, men choose large, strict cut black diamonds.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s very beautiful, we would even say a unique pair of wedding rings looks when a women’s wedding ring is decorated with colorless diamonds and a man’s ring is black. These rings in pairs seem to complement each other.

If your choice is a wedding ring with diamonds in a circle, then it can be done alternating colorless and black diamonds through one, which gives the ring a royal look.

Game in contrast

Choose any jewelry on our website, we will decorate it with black diamonds, or, if you wish, we combine inserts of precious and semiprecious stones, we will create a truly unique jewelry of stunning design. A scattering of colorless diamonds or colored semi-precious stones surrounding the main black diamond on the jewelry creates the perfect contrast.

The price of jewelry with black diamonds

At TESSORRO, the price of any decoration with black diamonds is lower than the price of a similar decoration with colorless diamonds indicated on the website. For an accurate price calculation, please contact our managers in any way convenient for you – in our contacts. We will be happy to advise you, make the design of your jewelry for free, and help you choose from all the splendor and variety of patterns and inserts.