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Fancy accessories. What to wear them with?

Fashion does not stand still and is constantly moving forward. Each season, not only new things, but also accessories appear on the shelves of the mass market and other fashion stores. Each woman has her own taste and approach to the selection of accessories. Someone makes unusual accessories their zest, while someone, nevertheless, prefers more restrained objects that suit any look.

Original Cuffs

Some girls and women do not deny themselves the pleasure of putting cuffs on their ears – earrings that adorn not only the earlobe, but also the ear itself up from a puncture. Cuffs are also called earrings that are worn directly on the cartilage without a puncture. Such accessories show the owner bold and incredibly stylish, because cuffs have been seasons for several seasons at the peak of popularity. Such earrings made of gold and silver will perfectly fit into any, even the most feminine image and will add unusualness to their owner.


Wearing the same accessories is boring, but only if you do not wear jewelry in layers. This technique of wearing accessories for the fashion industry is absolutely not new, but with the help of such a simple technique you can stand out among the crowd of women. A great example is several bracelets on one arm, or a combination of phalanx rings with ordinary ones. And do not forget about beads and chains, they also look great in combinations.

Any accessories that are used in a particular image should be in harmony with each other. Do not wear voluminous rings and bracelets at the same time; it will be clumsy and out of place. It is better to choose, for example, neat rings and earrings, focusing on the massiveness of the necklace. Or vice versa, wear large earrings and rings and a graceful thin chain around the neck.

Jewelry and appearance

In addition to combining with each other, accessories should be combined with the shape of the face and hairstyle. A woman or a girl with a small face, for example, is not recommended to wear large earrings, the face against their background will look small and nondescript.

For socks, it is better to choose jewelry of flowers and materials that are not irritating to the eyes and suitable for age. For a young woman, pearls or other precious stones in combination with gold or silver can be an excellent choice, however, it is not worth combining jewelry from gold and silver, this may be an unsuccessful combination.

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If you follow these simple recommendations, you can learn to combine various jewelry with your own images. It should be remembered that accessories, like clothes, are the personal choice of each person, and only he can decide how to wear this or that jewelry. Wear what you like!

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