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The most fashionable combination of manicure and accessories

In the fall of 2019, French manicure masters blew up world catwalks with a firework of colors. This season the jacket is more original than ever. The varnish is applied on a tone lighter than the skin color of the model. The nail is surrounded by a thin line in a circle. However, the trend is still a few interesting variations of manicure.

The main trends of manicure 2019-2020

1. For each finger – its own color.

2. In America, at the peak of the popularity of the stroke of rainbow and mischievous caramel colors.

3. Two layers of varnish correspond to the tone of the skin of the hands, a lighter tone is carefully applied to the middle of the nail, distributing it with a brush to the tip, creating an ombre effect.

4. The tips of the nail plates are painted white in the form of a crescent, making the main red tone a fashionable thin line along the very edge of the nail.

Manicure and accessories. Top 3 Combinations

According to the forecasts of designers this winter, accessories will play the main role. The type, texture and shade of the varnish adjusts to the rings and bracelets worn by the woman. This is the season of massive, unusually large clips, earrings and necklaces. The geometric shapes of the 2019-2020 accessories seem ridiculous, “live” separately from the outfits and ignore details that previously dictate the conditions (head shape, hairstyle, neck length and shoulder width).

1. Saturated blue with sparkles – for silver, diamonds and jewelry, decorated with a scattering of small light stones.

2. Gold rings, yellow metal accessories – partners for a natural palette.

3. In the winter of 2020, they promise a boom of “bead” nail design. Peach-colored beads in combination with brown and gray (peanuts with chocolate) are glued onto the nails, completely covering the surface of the nail.

The impudent red in itself looks defiant, but stylists boldly combine such a manicure with massive and multi-layer rings. They invented another trick that allows you to draw even more attention to the magnificent hands of an artistic lady.

Thanks to fashion trends, now you can safely choose any ring or ring in the BestGold online jewelry store. Your experienced nail masters, following the advice of stylists, will definitely beat a chic composition of manicure / accessories.

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