What are the right wedding rings?

“What should be the engagement rings?” – Many future newlyweds are asking this question, but there is no universal answer to it. First of all, it is believed that the wedding rings on the hands of both spouses should ideally be the same. This gives an additional sense of unity and the feeling of a real family to a couple who are just entering a new life. Therefore, you will have to focus on the tastes of both partners and look for something in common that suits both of them.

Material for wedding rings

As for the material from which the wedding rings are made, there are no restrictions on its choice. According to traditions, it was assumed that they must be made of red gold. Allegedly, thanks to this metal, the life of a new family will certainly be rich. This is not so, there are no rules that would set such a restriction. For example, there is white and black gold, while their value is no less. Let’s not forget about platinum, which, according to the logic of tradition, provided young people with a comfortable old age. 

And therefore, red or white gold, silver or platinum, and maybe even pure steel or ceramics – this choice remains with the future newlyweds themselves. And to make this choice is best, focusing on the one of the partners who most often wears other jewelry on the body. As a rule, this, of course, is a girl. If all the accessories and jewelry in the box are made of white metals, it is better, of course, to choose wedding rings in silver or white gold. A universal option is the model of combined metals or even materials. BestGold jewelry online store offers a huge selection of rings for newlyweds, among which there are both traditional smooth red gold engagement rings and creative options, for example, from jewelry ceramics.

Ring size

Speaking of size, we do not mean the circumference of the finger, but the width of the decoration. It is worth paying special attention to the width of the engagement ring. Of course, women often like thin and graceful rings with a small pebble. But men’s hands are much larger, and their fingers are wider and longer, so all this grace can simply get lost on the hand of the future spouse.

It is important to remember that you need to choose the ring “for yourself”, and not because someone once came up with some kind of tradition. Like a narrow ring – take it, like solid rings – why not? And it’s okay if the wedding decorations of the bride and groom are slightly different. The main thing is that some detail in them is repeated. Perhaps a style, an insert, decor, or at least metal, if the jewelry tastes of the couple are completely different.

Beauty and practicality

One of the most important points in choosing wedding rings is that you need to remember that such a ring is put on a finger once and is a symbol of your union, which means that you will have to wear it constantly for a very long time or even your whole life. Therefore, let it be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, no matter how trite it sounds.

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